Climate Aging Cabinets
for Meat and Sausages

For aromatic delicacies aged to taste.

The ideal aging cabinet for manufactories, butchers, produce marketers, farmers, taverns ….. and everyone else who needs exact temperatures and constant humidity (climate) for the maturation of their products.

Sausages and meat products in perfect quality thanks to an optimal climatic environment. Save up to 50% of time compared to conventional production. For aromatic delicacies aged to taste.


The 3rd generation
of the climate aging
cabinets is

Introducing KRA-Gen3

KKT-Lackner GmbH has been your specialist for aging cabinets for more than 10 years. With the unique KRA-Gen3 aging cabinet, we have once again succeeded in meeting our aspiration for the highest quality. This unit is the third generation of our aging cabinets for meat and sausage products of all kinds. Produce your goods all year round with the same quality.

Thanks to our unique, active humidification system, you are independent of the weather and can produce as needed. The very labour-intensive pre-production in the winter months and worries about unfavourable weather conditions are now a thing of the past.

The most diverse meat and sausage products can now be produced in summer, too, without having to fear dry edges.

We were able to significantly improve the quality of our cabinets once again without a noticeable increase in prices.

The new 3rd generation of our maturation cabinet is uniquely different from the previous models.

  1. For the first time there are three different sizes: K, M and G


  2. Optionally, a glass door can be installed in each variant


  3. The steel parts of the unit are made of stainless 1.4301 stainless steel


  4. The sizes M and G have been adapted to the Beelonia smoking cabinets


  5. Thus, the same trays and curing/smoking skewers can be used


  6. In addition, there is the possibility of control via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi


Up to 300 kg of meat and sausages

Shorter production time, adjustable climate

Delivered disassembled on a pallet,
with pre-mounted technology parts

Assembly does not require any special tools

Comprehensive information about the climate aging cabinet is available in our product folder.

Use the climate cabinet for maturation, drying and storage of raw sausages, bacon or ham.

The KRA-Gen3 is also excellent for storing fruit and vegetables and keeping them fresh and is ideal for hanging beef (dry-aged beef).

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