Cheese-Aging Cabinet

Consistent aging and quality in the desired climate.

The only dismountable CHEESE-AGING CABINET with environmentally friendly water cooling which fits
through any door.

Create an artificial climate even in the smallest of spaces.
Gain independence of the weather and the season.
Always produce good in the same quality.

Up to
700 kg cheese

on as little as
1 m² floor space

Introducing the KRS-2

KKT-Lackner GmbH has been your specialist for cheese and aging cabinets for four years. With the unique KRS-2 aging cabinets, we have once again succeeded in meeting our ambitions for the highest quality. This unit is the second generation of our very successful aging cabinets for cheeses of all kinds. Produce your goods all year round in the same quality. Our unique cooler made of antibacterial and acid-resistant plastic provides security for many years to come. „Pitting corrosion“ by ammonia is now a thing of the past.

We were able to significantly improve the quality of our wardrobes once again without a noticeable increase in prices. With the new 2nd generation of our aging cabinets, there are clear differences from the previous models.

  1. For the first time there are two different sizes: K and M

  2. Optionally, a glass door can be installed in each variant

  3. The steel parts are made of stainless steel 1.4301

  4. Food-safe plastic inserts provide for easy and quiet movement of the support grids

  5. Adjustable feet made of stainless steel

  6. Up to 700 kg of cheese on as little as 1 m2 of floor space

Up to
700 kg of cheese


Delivered disassembled
on a pallet with
pre-mounted technology

Assembly does not
require any special tools

All the information about the cheese-aging cabinet can be found in our product folder.

The constant room temperature and humidity (over 90%) is achieved by a refrigeration technology specially developed by us (rock cellar climate conditions).

No additional air humidification is needed.

For approx. 700 kg cheese you need
as little as 1 m2 floor space.

Size K can be ordered from February 2021

Size M

from € 5.939,90
Price plus 20% VAT

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