Dry Aged Beef Refrigerator

DAB – 1400/700
Well hung meat is more tender, aromatic and easier to digest than freshly slaughtered meat. It has a greater water-binding capacity, requires shorter cooking times and stays juicy.

Biochemical processes

After death in an animal, rigor mortis sets in, a biochemically induced muscle contraction, triggered by lactic acid fermentation, the associated lactic acid production and the decomposition of adenosine triphosphate. The pH value in the meat drops (there is an increased level of acidity). In this condition, the meat is tough and has a low water-binding capacity. Gradually, the meat changes further. Enzymatic processes cause the pH value to rise; bacteria, lactic acid bacteria in particular, contribute to further ageing, while the connective tissue of the muscles swells and relaxes and some of the protein breaks down to free amino acids (autolysis).
The mentioned processes also occur at the onset of decomposition. [1] To prevent the spoiling caused by undesired bacteria (decay), which would make the meat inedible, the meat ageing must take place under optimum hygienic conditions at constant temperatures between around 1 °C to 3 °C. At temperatures below freezing meat ageing takes place incompletely or not at all. (Source: Wikipedia)

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