Cheese-Maturing Cabinets

Cheese-maturing cabinet
KRS – 1850/2000

The only demountable CHEESE-MATURING CABINET with environmentally friendly water cooling technology, fits through every door. Produce your artificial climate in the smallest of rooms. Make yourself independent of the weather and the season. Produce constant high quality.
You can put your cheese-maturing cabinet into operation in a few simple steps and you have room for up to 500 kg of cheese. Inside and outside: stainless steel. There are no movable parts inside the cabinet. The refrigeration unit in the interior is made of plastic and is resistant to acid and ammonia. The cabinet features a built-in thermometer that is easy to read from the outside and is used for checking the room temperature. No water supply or drain is needed. All that is needed for power supply is a 230-volt earthed power socket (Schuko socket). Very low electricity consumption: approx. 120 watts/hour. The water cooler can also be set up apart from the maturing cabinet. By setting it up separately, the water cooler is prevented from releasing heat into the setup area, which is usually the workroom. The cold water is pumped into the inside of the maturing cabinet via well insulated, flexible hoses in a closed circuit. The guide rails permanently fastened to the side walls allow you to insert up to 14 stainless steel gratings or wooden boards. Alternatively, a trolley can be used. With a modular (box) solution, it is also possible to achieve flexible production. The cheese-maturing cabinet from KKT-LACKNER monitors temperature and air humidity. Order your cheese-maturing cabinet from cooling and air-conditioning specialist Lackner in Klagenfurt.
The cheese-maturing cabinet was developed and made ready for series production in cooperation with the agricultural vocational school Alt-Grottenhof in Graz and KKT-Lackner. Benefit from the CHEESE-MATURING CABINET for maturing and storing and for maturing and refining all varieties of cheese.


A constant room temperature and air humidity (more than 90%) is achieved by a special cooling technology we have developed (climatic conditions as in a cave). No additional air moistening system is needed.
For approx. 500 kg of cheese from approx. 5000 litres of cow’s milk a base of only 1 square metre is needed.
Please refer to the product folder for the technical details.


• Maturing and refinement of all varieties of cheese
• Environmentally friendly method of water cooling
• Temperature is maintained at a constant level
• Very high air humidity (more than 90%)
Temperature-humidity diagram

This product was developed by KKT-Lackner GmbH and is also produced in house (in cooperation with the vocational school Alt Grottenhof).