Systems for Air-Conditioning and maturing

Dieses Produkt ist eine Eigenentwicklung der Fa. KKT-Lackner GmbH und wird auch im Haus Produziert. (In Kooperation mit der Fachschule LFS St. Andrä)


Produce bacon, ham, salami and much more in a quality you’d otherwise only achieve high in the mountains!
A Klagenfurt-based traditional company for air-conditioning and cooling equipment, Kälte-Klima-Technik Lackner GmbH, with 35 years of experience has developed a compact air-conditioning system for producing bacon, ham and sausage products in cooperation with the vocational schools for butchers in Carinthia and the agricultural vocational school in St. Andrä im Lavanttal, particularly with Mr. Spendier and the Institute for Food Safety Control and Inspection.
On a base of approx. 1 sq. m, up to 200 kg of raw goods can be processed to a finished product. This cabinet allows you to achieve high performance and perfect quality at affordable costs. Up to 50% time savings are possible when drying bacon, ham, salami, etc. compared to conventional production methods. Mould or stock shrinkage are a thing of the past.
An absolute novelty is the built-in IONIZER that kills bacteria, sterilizes the cabinet and adds active oxygen to the air. Any unpleasant odour is removed.
Another innovation developed by Lackner is the installed HIGH-PRESSURE COLD FOGGING SYSTEM. Using a high-pressure piston pump, fresh water is forced through a special nozzle with an extremely small opening. A gaseous mist is produced which the dry air immediately absorbs. There are no droplets on the goods or in the bottom area of the system. The water pump draws in air by itself, so no permanent water connection is needed. A plastic container can be supplied with the product for use as a water reservoir. This newly developed moistening system allows you to keep the air humidity at a constant high level, which prevents skin from forming on the goods during the reddening and maturing stage. The objective of an even drying process from the inside to the outside is so optimally achieved.
A technically sophisticated air flow system prevents the goods from drying unevenly. The goods do not have to be repositioned during the maturing and drying process.
As the interior is hermetically closed off and is optimally insulated, there are no effects caused by hot or cold temperatures from the outside. As a result, energy consumption is extremely low. The system’s compactness means that there are no empty spaces or surfaces that would have to be heated or cooled. However, should the system capacity not be sufficient for your needs, we recommend placing several systems next to each other, for cost and flexibility purposes. Investing in an air-conditioning room would at any rate be more expensive than choosing the box solution. Recently, a smoking trolley in stainless steel has been added to the range, which is exactly adapted to the room dimensions. The smoking trolley helps you save work steps.
Operating the maturing system couldn’t be easier. All operating elements are positioned at eye level on a user-friendly and clearly labelled operating panel.

The maturing system is supplied disassembled to ensure there are no problems getting it through doors. The assembly is carried out using a supplied Allen wrench. No particular craftsmen are needed to assemble the system. Further tools are not required. After about 20 minutes setup time, the system is ready for operation. The system components are packed on a pallet and delivered by a forwarding agent. If required, you can also have the system delivered and mounted by personnel from Lackner, who will also instruct you on its use. The system must be mounted in a dry and frost-proof room. All that is needed is a 230-volt earthed power socket (Schuko socket).

Suitable for:

  • Maturing and drying of raw sausage, bacon or ham
  • Pharmaceutic industry
  • Confectionery
  • Vegetable storage

Usable everywhere where constant air humidity and temperature levels are needed. Now also available with a more powerful refrigeration unit, suitable for cooling fresh meat.

Range of use:

  • Temperature: +2 °C to 25 °C
  • Air humidity: 55% to 90%
  • As little as 1 sq. m of floor space is sufficient for up to 200 kg of salami, requiring only 20 cent energy costs per salami.

Benefit from the air-conditioning maturing unit for maturing and drying raw sausage, bacon or ham products – and also for their storage later on. The system can also be used for storing fruit and vegetables and keeping them fresh.

Please refer to the product folder for the technical details.